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Phoebe Hunt is spectacular---great blues/jazz voice, and she can set that fiddle on fire, much like her good friend Ruby Jane Smith (both from Austin, Texas). Her band, The Bellville Outfit, is incredible- she's the oldest, at 24! See them once and you'll be amazed- to see a group of young musicians play together so professionally, like they're all seasoned veterans. See them if you can!

In early 2011, Phoebe began working on a new concept for her music combining it within her journey of self-exploration. Her music is inspired by all that she does and all that she sees. She loves to learn and is interested in studying any and all styles of music, collaborating whith many artists, and encorporating her life's experiences into her compositions.

Connect with her work at

Here's a link to a great live performance feauturing some of her new work. It aired on KUT 90.5, Austin's Premiere Public Radio Station
this past Saturday.

The link!

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