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No here's an interesting point. I wonder whether the lovely Ann really counts as a Brit (and I'm one myself). She was born in Germany (Hamburg) to a German mother and a Greek/Irish father (her parents now reside in Ireland). She was mostly raised and educated in Scotland, went to the prestigious LSE in London. She is now a part-time resident of London, but has an apartment in Berlin. Anna plays all over the world, in North America, in Turkey, in the Middle East, in Russia, in Europe. I have heard her play almost every style imaginable; celtic folk, rock, flamenco, klezmer, middle-eastern, country, classical and even Indian styles. If anybody, anywhere could be described as a child of the World then it is the vibrant, and lovely Anna.

A force of nature, I feel privileged to know her - I will seek to find out which of the multifarious passports that she is no doubt entitled to that she she travels upon, but truly she belongs to the World. (But Anna does sound like a Brit - so we'll claim her anyway).

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